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Carpet Cleaning Brockton

Carpet Cleaning Brockton is the premier business and residential cleaning service in Brockton. They are experts at swiftly, and efficiently, dealing with practically every kind of cleaning problem you may have, from straightforward carpet cleaning to removing carpet stains, oriental carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning and much more. High on the list of frequently requested services is area rug cleaning.

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There seems to be some consumer confusion regarding the difference between the terms 'carpet' and 'rug'. Most people use the terms interchangeably - both, after all, are a type of soft floor covering used to:

  • add color to the home
  • protect underlying floor surfaces
  • buffer sounds
  • provide warmth and more.

Even so, the fine-line distinction between the two boils down to two main issues: size and installation method.


A carpet is typically a large (over forty square feet) floor covering. Regardless of size, carpets are installed using nails, or carpet tacks. Thus, even in a small room, when a floor covering is nailed on it is called a carpet and not a rug. Carpet pads are frequently placed under carpets to provide extra cushioning. The term 'wall-to-wall' is often applied to carpets, as they are often used to cover the surface of the entire floor in any given room. Brockton Carpet Cleaning recommends professional carpet steam cleaning at least once every two years or so.

Rug Cleaning Service


Rugs and carpets may be made of exactly the same type of fabric, fiber or alternative material. They may be used in conjunction with carpets - protecting heavy traffic areas from premature signs of wear or to add additional color - or instead of carpets. Though smaller in size, it is a mistake to assume that they will cost less per square foot than a carpet. While there are very inexpensive rugs readily available, some rugs are rather unique and/or exotic, and may end up costing considerably more. The defining difference is that rugs are not secured to the floor by any means. True, some people install anti-slip pads under their rugs, but these, too, are not nailed or tacked in place. Size is another determiner, with rugs typically measuring in at less than forty square feet.

Rug Care

Rugs are as different and individual as their owners. Each has its own specific cleaning requirements. Carpet Cleaning Brockton recommends that you familiarize yourself with the manufacturer recommended requirements for your specific rug. For professional carpet, rug and area rug cleaning, there is nobody better than Carpet Cleaning Brockton. Call today for a free estimate.

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