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Hingham Carpet Cleaning Near Boston, MA. Call us now at 617-532-1918.

Call Hingham Carpet Cleaning our professional carpet cleaning services use state of the art technology and trained technicians. Our tough quality control supervision, combined with the best carpet cleaning machine (Truck Mounts the best carpet cleaning equipment) and carpet cleaning products available on the market, has made us popular in American homes and businesses.

We offer our services in most urban areas throughout Hingham.
* Address: 6 Playground Rd Hingham, MA 02043, United States.
Call us at 617-532-1918 for a free estimate.

Hingham Carpet Cleaning is innovative, fast, loyal, and reliable. We provide the following professional carpet cleaning services:
•  Carpet cleaning/carpet cleaning repair
•  Mattress Cleaning
•  Leather Cleaning
•  Furniture Cleaning
•  Home Cleaning
•  Auto interior cleaning
•  Move In and Out Cleaning
•  Floor Cleaning - wax & polish
•  Free Pick- up and Delivery of Rugs
•  24/7 Emergency Services ? RESPONSE FOR WET CARPET DRYING

Rug Cleaning
Our rug cleaning services include applying a special heated cleaning solution, followed by deep cleaning, using a powerful vacuum.

Upholstery Cleaning and Furniture Cleaning
We provide various carpet upholstery cleaning services. Our carpet upholstery cleaning services include:
•  Stain and odor removal
•  Mold and dust removal
•  Curtain upholstery cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning
We do sanding, applying filler, sealing, finishing, waxing and polishing for cleaning wood floors.

Hingham Carpet Cleaning Health Care?Air Duct Cleaning
We offer air duct cleaning services for attacking pollen and dust mites. Ask us about duct cleaning if your indoor air quality is important.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
We provide tile and grout cleaning treatment. Grout cleaning involves the following:
•  Removing loose dirt through vacuuming
•  Applying the best pH neutral cleansing materials
•  Rinsing the surfaces thoroughly to eliminate any remaining cleaning products

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Our technicians must complete intensive industrial carpeting cleaning service training program. Different carpeting cleaning products must be used on different materials. All commercial environments are unique and therefore have different needs.

Carpet Cleaning Systems
Hingham Carpet Cleaning assesses your materials and then applies various different systems, including:
•  Hot water extraction
•  Shampoo
•  Various appropriate foams
•  Deodorizing system

Green Carpet Cleaning Supplies
Hingham Carpet Cleaning uses Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning (Green Clean) products. We use natural cleansing products. Hingham Carpet Cleaning is available for all house carpet cleaning and business carpet cleaning jobs. Let Hingham Carpet Cleaning assess your carpet situation and give you a free price estimate.

Tips and Hints
Control Allergies & Asthma
Allergens can cause allergies and asthma. Here is a cleaning tip you can use?wash beddings and curtains.

House Cleaning Tip for Carpet Cleaning for Blood Stains
•  Apply a mild detergent solution
•  Blot to absorb the excess
•  Apply a small amount of ammonia and blot again.
•  Repeat this time with a mild detergent and blot again
•  Wipe gently with cloth soaked with water and blot dry

Household Carpet Cleaning Hint for Carpet Cleaning
Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. Pay particular attention to the high traffic areas.

Safety Tips and Useful Tips for Water Damage
•  Remove as much as water as possible by mopping or sweeping
•  Do not lift tacked down carpet without professional help.
•  Remove wet area rugs or other loose floor coverings

Hingham Carpet Cleaning Testimonial
"I didn't see the big stain until Mike was cleaning out my closet. The difference was unbelievable. Now my carpet looks new again."

Michelle C. Hingham, MA
(Job #2175)

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Is Your Office Making You Sick?

Your carpet and air duct could be the blame!
Allergy symptoms have become a way of life for you and your employees.
But they don't have to be!
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